About Me

Well hello there. I’ve been expecting you.

My name’s Stu. Ever since I was small, I’ve been able to organise tiny abstract symbols into patterns that have meaning.

Growing up in the verdant English countryside, there was little to do other than chase rabbits, climb trees and make up stories. Luckily for me, I was able to spin the latter into a long and varied career.

After graduating with degrees in World Literature and Linguistics (specialising in neurolinguistics and language acquisition), I headed to London to spin words and seek my fortune.

While I was the Head Writer at Ann Summers, pound for pound the biggest brand in its industry in the world, I also co-founded a small artist’s collective, ran a cute little niche import company, and became a multi-published writer and speaker. After several years climbing the creative ziggurat, I sold everything I owned, hopped on a train and landed in Shanghai eleven days later with ambition in my soul and cheap Russian vodka in my veins. Today, as I’m typing this, I’m the creative content manager for a worldwide and fast-expanding luxury lifestyle brand, LELO.

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