My Full CV

Stuart Mark Nugent

Building 96

Tianyao Xin Cun

Shanghai 200010



13887049_10210316857260822_5462157363066673912_nKey Skills

  • A very strong, very experienced and highly versatile writer
  • Highly visual and conceptual idea generation
  • Audiovisual and directorial experience
  • Professional and comfortable with responsibility
  • Management-level team leadership experience
  • Able to generate flexible campaigns quickly and effectively
  • Talent for distilling big ideas into digestible language
  • Thorough in research and development of content
  • Self-motivated and passionate




Head Writer/Creative Content Manager

LELOi AB  (04/2014 – current)

Bringing 13 years of industry marketing experience to this role, the large part of my responsibilities involve managing and controlling all of the brand’s external communications and much of the creative output. I have a small team of English language writers as well as four non-English language editors who are all directly responsible to me. I guide and produce much of the advertising and marketing activity for this high-end designer brand across worldwide markets, specifically in the US, and have control over much of the video and printed material we produce as well as all the digital work.


Head Writer/Brand Copywriter & Marketing Exec

Ann Summers (06/2009 – 04/2014)

Broadly, I had control over the tone of voice of the communications for this high street lifestyle brand, the largest pound-for-pound of its type in the world. I managed and produce copy, long and short, for a wide variety of purposes – from window displays, through print advertising and columns in relevant publications, among much else, as well developing and executing marketing campaigns from top to bottom.

I’ve also written television and radio adverts, and have seen them through from the initial concept to air. Furthermore, I’ve written and directed radio scripts and directed the in-store audio ads, as well as speeches, internal comms, newsletters and vast amounts of printed material and press releases.

I manage a small team of copywriters, both in-house and freelance. This position straddled the marketing and design departments; I worked alongside the Design Director to ensure that campaigns are developed executed consistently, coherently, on time and to budget. We ran the creative department almost like a design agency, in which the company executives are our clients and the artwork and communications are produced together.

I am responsible not only for producing the bulk of the short, branded copy, but for liaising and reporting to the execs, and managing the processes of copy production from concept to publication. I worked extensively on producing the brand guidelines to which we all worked.


Web Content Editor

GetMePleasure (07/2005 – 06/2009)

My primary role in this position was to write and manage all of the content for the site, creating the vast majority myself but also managing freelancers, bloggers and community contributors. I had total creative control over the tone and voice of the company, and I produced any and all communications that would seen by customers. I also handled the majority of the marketing strategies, designed site-wide promotions, had a strong input into the technical functionality of the site, and handled all of the customer service responsibilities.

I talked to suppliers and help source products, occasionally handling ordering, arranging drop-ships and liaising with wholesalers. This was a highly creative role in a really entertaining and interesting industry, and it required exceptional levels of self motivation, discipline, determination, maturity, intelligence, business savvy and social skills.


SEO Content Editor/Senior Copywriter

MAD Productions (05/2005 – 07/2007)

In this digital agency I was responsible for all of the written content across a number of large commercial websites, such as Rigby & Peller, and a number of other fashion retailers, from the earliest stages of their development through to launch and beyond, writing to increase the websites’ visibility in search engines. I managed and wrote copy for around 20 large websites, along with press releases, white papers, blogs, copy briefs, guidelines and instructions for other copywriters, advertisements and many other types of written communication.

I’m comfortable writing for business-to-business purposes, but I most enjoy writing directly to customers. I also designed the navigations for the ongoing optimisation of these websites and wrote the content for them according to these navigation plans.


Freelance Writer (2003 – ongoing)

Ever since the end of my A-levels, I have been writing, blogging and contributing to various publications, including the Independent, The Guardian, VICE, Cosmopolitan, FHM, LOOK!, Huff Post and various trade publications. I’m also a published fiction author. I’ve written scripts for TV and radio, and directed the recordings personally. I’ve also been part of various small events companies, such as Afterglow Art, of which I was a co-founder and Creative Director.


Sous Chef (10/2004 – 04/2005)

For six months after my degree, I worked as a chef in a hotel in the French Alps. I had been a chef for around four years while I was studying, and I’ve taken a lot from it (nothing teaches you to respect deadlines like a couple of years in a busy kitchen, which is why include this particular work experience, despite it not being ostensibly relevant). In France I worked for a tour operator called Ski Weekends, a small company which specialised in short winter sports-oriented breaks.




1st Class BA (hons) Linguistics with Literature (Completed July 2006)

4 A-Levels, A*ABB:

  • English Language Studies
  • English Literature
  • Media Studies
  • Critical Thinking

11 A*-C GCSEs

Interests & Hobbies

An avid martial artist, I currently hold the highest Krav Maga grade in Shanghai and enjoy teaching it. Along with that, I’m a bike enthusiast and love cycling. I’m also a keen gamer and quite tech-savvy, so I’m very much interested in computing and gaming. I read a LOT, and I write for fun in my spare time too. I have further interests in Ancient languages, early writing systems, military history, current affairs and much else besides.