The Last Three…

I love to work. When you’re a writer, if you take it seriously, you’re never not working. Either consciously by some process of osmosis, I’m never not collecting experiences, examining interactions, and exploring how that might bring value to an audience. You can find my whole CV here, but for brevity and since you’re already here, below you’ll find a hit-list of my last two positions and what I’ve been doing on the side.

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LELO – Creative Content Manager

An internationally-recognised luxury brand and the undisputed leader in its industry. I manage all creative output with a large creative team and control localised teams all over the world.


The title ‘writer’ is misleading here. My responsibilities involved branding, and designing and executing fully integrated marketing campaigns from concept to completion and beyond.


2 books published, a regular column in a major UK mag, contributions to Huff Post, The Independent, The Guardian, Vice, Cosmo, co-founded Afterglow Art, and much more besides.