Work: Writing & Video

Below is a smattering of examples of the work I’ve produced in recent years. Please note, since the last few years have been spent in the adult industry, some of this content might be NSFW, unless you work somewhere cool.

Christmas For Grown Ups

This large scale integrated campaign video was conceptualised by me, using juxtaposition to suggest there’s still room for adults at Christmas. Scripting, storyboarding, casting, music selection and more by me.

LELO UnDesign Awards

Part of a major awards campaign designed to encourage designers to create intimacy through their work, this video was scripted and recorded by me. That’s my voice, and the script informed the visuals.

Ann Summers Love/Lust Valentine’s Day

I wrote this nationally-viewed television advert, and was central in its execution, from selecting the models to directing the studio audio recording. With only a two-month turnaround time, the results were very successful.

50 Shades of Gravy

This video was written, storyboarded, cast and directed by myself for a paid digital campaign targeting Thanksgiving in the US. Hugely popular on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond, this heavily tonal piece was produced fast and efficiently.

The Pleasure Emporium

This UK TV advert was produced inside three days when we were presented with a last-minute opportunity in some prime, highly relevant real estate. This was written and directed by me.

B2B Product Presentation

This is one of dozens of training videos I’ve produced, introducing new products to retailers and distributors. This is me on camera, largely scripted by me, but there’s some freewheeling involved as well.

Man Summers/No Soft Toys Allowed

These two frivolous little shorts were produced for an online Valentine’s Day campaign. They were scripted, cast and produced by me, and executed by an agency with my supervision.